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PNW DREAMS (wish you were here)
dvd animation

My video is a conglomeration of vignettes based on my own paintings which are my interpretation of the imagery of the Pacific Northwest.
On the surface, it appears to be a lark, just something fun to watch.
Look deeper and an ongoing narrative full of symbolism emerges.
My foray into the world of animation (it is not my usual medium) comes from the desire to tell a story, visually, about the human condition and how we universally we can relate to images through our own experiences.
Issues touched on are based on current events (such as legalization of Marijuana, the crash of the housing market) and broader themes such as the desire of youth to run from the values of our elders and the process of women dreaming their own reality and inspiring others to take wing.
Hoping to initiate response such as this one that a friend ,artist and poet, Gregory Copploe, wrote upon seeing it.
The Sculpture Park masked in its abduction
Becomes the swallower of the Sea
The higher I become, the dreamier becomes she
As she sifts inside her Blueprint for a Dream

With a sweet kiss of intention, the magic is bestowed
And I am left naked, but not alone
Vulnerable, raw, my blueprint stays adrift
And the fuel for the fire, burning images, a gift
The abduction, the vessel returns from the sea
To repeat the life cycle, my dreams are set free
Signed, limited edition (1/100) copy of animation video based on my paintings of the Pacific North West. Surrealism.