I am a studio artist. My environment creates a dialogue in my head that works its way into my paintings. Inspired by nature, be it people, landscape or still lives, I infuse each painting with emotional or social/political content. Always open to interpretation, the viewer can decide to create their own narrative.
Thus, a woman lying on the grass might be relaxing or she might be in despair.

It's my representation, it's the viewer's story.

My muse, aside from visual imagery, is the intangible realm of music. My process is candid. I show up and the canvas dictates where it wants to go.
I have currently moved to Chile. I'm looking forward to painting here and creating a new body of work that will reflect my past experience and my new environment.

The current image was In a solo exhibit at the Universidad Autónoma de Talca Gallery. Where they aquired it for their permanent collection.